Sentence Structure Improvement

Advanced Communication Skills

This program will train students to amass a good range of vocabulary. They will be able to read story books, write, and speak in complete sentences to express their thoughts and feelings.

By teaching them the joy of discovery in an enjoyable environment, we will have laid the foundation for children without their potential being stifled by the routine and rigid average school experience.

Drawing Conclusions

Critical Reasoning

Your child will start to engage more in conversations depicting events and daily incidents that happen to them. Kids will be more adept at forming short yet complete sentences and writing for specific purposes with forming labels on things around them.. Ideas and feelings are communicated via words accompanied by the ability to reason with peers or family members.

They know how and where to find information to satisfy their curiosity and how to make observations or draw conclusions from their findings. They have acquired ways to ask questions, solve problems, think out of the box and work as a team.

How Finland Became The Best?

Program Summary

Progress is tracked and documented in their Personal Learning Portfolio, which highlights key experiences and learning moments from both home and school, highlighted with photographs, writing, and student pictures.


Recognizing the association between written and spoken word, writing CVC words and short sentences, composing and illustrating stories, distinguishing the sound of letters in spoken words
Identifying sight words and building simple words

Cognitive skills and math

Solving problems by estimating and checking with manipulatives, solving problems using independent reasoning, creating order among objects, understanding and using comparatives and ordinals

Social and Emotional Development:

Students will learn to develop an awareness of personal identity and how to manage emotions and behaviors. They will also learn to develop positive self-image, recognizing human similarity and differences, and that actions have consequences.


Students will find out how things work through simple investigations and explorations. They will learn to show an interest in the world they live in and others around them. Collecting and recording data in lists and graphs, estimating and measuring using non-standard units, and understanding the concept of weather, plant and animal life

Aesthetic and Creative Expression:

Students will learn to express ideas and feelings through art, music and movement. They will create art and music and movement using experimentation and imagination. Examples: Art, music, dance, performance, developing personal expression and confidence.

Practical Life

Children perform practical life exercises which teach them to care for themselves and their environment. In addition, grace and courtesy lessons help them to develop appropriate social skills.

Language and Communication Competency Skills

Kids will also be confident enough to speak in front of the class and actively contribute ideas during group discussions.

They will be knowledgeable, especially in topics related to the projects which they had done in-depth study and exploration in – enjoying the fruits of their labour.

How Finland Became The Best?