Our Beliefs

Finland’s success is a result of finding its own way of change rather than doing more of the same.

Engaged students who take charge of their own learning, and are inspired and coached by enthusiastic, motivated teachers. Educators who are able to stimulate their pupils’ curiosity, making them see why what they are learning will be valuable to them. Pupils who take initiative in planning, directing, and evaluating their own learning process, collaborating with their peers, solving problems and steering projects through teamwork.

There are no national tests for pupils in basic education. Instead teachers are responsible for the assessment in their respective subjects on the basis of the objectives written into the national core curriculum.

How Finland Became The Best?

Unorthodox Mindset

When the children apply for school, we don’t test them in order to rank them, but to get to know their skills and abilities. By knowing the level of their overall development, we are able to plan the individual learning paths for our students.

Best Practices

When in class, we don’t only make children sit quietly and memorise information. For children ages 5-7, the most effective way to learn is through instructed play and activity. We apply age-appropriate ways of teaching, make learning interesting and support their life-long passion to learn.


When we assess the students, we don’t do it because we want to test them to compare with others. To us assessment is a collaborative process to enhance learning. We don’t believe in standardized testing, we don’t want to make our students study just for the tests. We want our children to learn for life.

A Mind Liberator

When we think of the school path of our students, we don’t think our influence ends when they leave our school. We will have equipped them with skills to learn throughout their life. Children are responsible for their own learning, but our job is to encourage and motivate them to realize their full potential – through the joy of learning.

Competitive, performance and test based models are not good for children.

Dr. Pasi SahlbergA Finnish Educator and Writer
Finland Intercultural School

Guiding Statements

Finland Intercultural School’s Guiding Statements will guide our work in fulfilling our vision of becoming the leading international school in Indonesia, achieving global reputation for excellence and academic rigor.



Finland Intercultural School strives to:

-Maintain high standards of academic progress, achievement and performance including preparation for admission to competitive universities in the US and worldwide.

-Embrace the attributes of the Finnish learner profile so that we guide all to be inquirers, knowledgeable, thinkers, communicators, principled, open-minded, risk-takers, balanced, caring and reflective.

-Develop students who are fluent in the Chinese language as well as in English, the language of instruction.

-Instill in students leadership, confidence and an enthusiasm for lifelong learning.

-Celebrate our academic, sports and service accomplishments so that individuals and groups are recognized locally and globally.