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The role of educators is then less of direct teaching, but to scaffold learning and encourage social interactions. High quality interactions are crucial for effective pedagogy. Focusing too much on academic skills may actually inhibit a child’s development – replacing the power of emotions and hands-on activities as a development force.

Respectfully engages the Learner, recognising that their role is not so much to teach as to inspire, mentor, and facilitate the learning process. The real work of learning belongs to the individual child, therefore the Montessori educator remains conscious of his/her role in helping each child to fulfil his/her potential as a human being and of creating an environment for learning within which children will feel safe, cherished, and empowered.

The Learning Process That Matters

Finnish teacher educators don’t think that superior academic performance would necessarily correspond with being a great teacher. Selection to teacher education in Finland focuses on finding those individuals who have the right personality, advanced interpersonal skills, and the right moral purpose to become lifelong educators. TFA is for many a stepping-stone to prestigious careers in law, banking, business, and public policy while in Finland teaching is a lifetime commitment.

The processes of learning, rather than the end product, are the key focus in our teaching and learning process. Experience-centred, hands-on learning encourages our children to explore, experiment, inquire, investigate, interact and discover ideas and concepts.


Enjoy pedagogical autonomy in the classroom ?
Are considered pedagogical experts ?
Are entrusted with considerable independence in the classroom
Have decision-making authority as concerns school policy and management
Are deeply involved in drafting the local curricula and in development work.
Have responsibility for the choice of textbooks and teaching methods
Not even trying

Engaging and Inspiring

FIS education system facilitates the “Match” between the Learner and Knowledge, because they are trained to identify the best response to the changing interests and need of each child as a unique individual and because they truly accept that children learn in many different ways and at their own pace. Montessori educators understand that they must “follow the child”, adjusting their strategies and timetable to fit the development of each of their pupils.

FIS teachers are primarily concerned with children as individuals. Their skill is to be an observer while directing each child in the sequential learning process. You may need to look around the room to find the teacher because they are usually working quietly with a child on his/her individual level.

We Are Psychic!

Our Instructors are so good at identifying students’ weaknesses and understanding their learning style that they are thought to be psychic. They have the ability to explain advanced strategies in a way that was easy for students to understand. They will help you reach your highest score potential, and you will leave confident and prepared.

Our teachers possess the acute ability to manage everyday problem-solving situations, and the ability to observe and read intentions, desires and emotions. Learning corners encourage self-directed play, for a child to ask questions, discover answers and apply the learning in his world.

Our Rigorous Recruitment Process


They spend 68 hours partaking in presentations and participating in Finnish Core Curriculum and pedagogy training sessions. Candidates have to display their abilities by “lecturing” us on various topics. In the end, it’s whether or not they can make us laugh while teaching early childhood core concepts that distinguishes the good teachers from the best teachers.


After they’re hired, our instructors undergo 118 more hours of extensive training — including 76 hours of lesson prep and 40 hours of personal mentoring by another veteran instructor.


But it doesn’t stop there! All new instructors undergo 6 hours of evaluation and feedback to ensure they’re teaching the class up to our sky-high standards.


Sure, our training process is rigorous and borderline excessive. But that’s what it takes to have the best instructors in the biz — and having the the best instructors in the biz is what it takes to have our amazing average practice exam score increase: 11 points.

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Donny believes that the role of educators is then less of direct teaching, but to scaffold learning and encourage social interactions. High quality interactions are crucial for effective pedagogy. Focusing too much on academic skills may actually inhibit a child’s development – replacing the power of emotions and hands-on activities as a development force.

Teaching is one of his passions. He loves supporting children to develop their social and emotional intelligence. He also adores children’s’ natural curiosity, energy and enthusiasm as they explore their world.

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I value opportunities for students to collaborate, demonstrate leadership roles, and gain essential understandings in the classroom and in the world. As a teacher, I strive to be ethical in all matters and m??aintain strict confidentiality. I strive to maintain a positive attitude, model perseverance, and demonstrate understanding and care for others. I want to be mindful of the developmental stages of my students and take appropriate action to guide them in their learning. I believe learning occurs through the integration of all content areas and my teaching emphasizes the importance of place, culture, and background. I believe every student has something amazing to offer to others in our classroom, and I as the teacher must guide each individual student in finding what they can contribute to our growing learning community.


Han Lee

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Raised in a business-minded family, Han Lee had to spend his entire childhood in Singapore and adolescence and adulthood in Melbourne, Australia. Possessing international background, Han has fully adopted the mindset and culture of a foreigner. He is so proficient in English and brilliant in Mathematics that he was compelled to take the helm of the English Bridge academic team in 2014.

Han attained his Bachelor of Accounting and Masters of Marketing in Monash University, Caulfield. He came to Indonesia to pursue his dream as a business writer in the renowned English newspaper, Jakarta Globe in 2010.

Trusted and Respected Academic Team

A central feature of classroom teaching in Finland is the flexibility that is accorded to teachers. There is no set national curriculum as such but rather a set of guidelines that place much decision-making in the hands of teachers themselves, as concerns both subject content and the pedagogical approach that they can take.

it largely depends on the day, because they provide the children with a lot of leeway to pursue their own interests, which means that they hold their own teaching plans loosely.

How Finland Became The Best?