Tuition fee $1,280 for 1 to 2 students, with 10 lessons of 2-hour each. Students can choose their own class schedule and venue for class.
Each level consists of 20 training hours for 10 lessons over 2.5 months (for weekly classes) or 10 days (for intensive daily classes) completion.
One Time Registration Fee $50/student (waived for current month sign up)
Material fee of $50/student (including course book & workbook, Audio Cd, Video lessons and custom-made syllabus
Each level consists of 20 training hours with 10 lessons of 2 hours each.
One Time Registration Fee $50/student (Promotion ~ $50 waived for current month sign-up)
Material Fee $50/student (New Course book + e-copy of workbook + Audio Cd + Video lessons)
If you had missed a class, you can:
– Watch our Recorded Class Video lesson and listen to the audio CD for own revision
– Group Class student entitled to 2 free replacement classes per course. (RSVP required)
Staying true to our commitment, all our full-time courses and teachers are registered with the Singapore Committee for Private Education. Our programmes are conducted in small, effective groups with not more than 15 students per class to facilitate optimal learning. In addition, our language teachers are carefully selected for their intellect, international outlook, and ability to teach effectively.